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Welcome to the lyrics page for Tha Civil Rights Movement Part II. Thank you for supporting independent, political hip hop by coming here. All lyrics for this CD can be found by scrolling down and clicking on the song titles on the right of the page. 

Album Art & Public Address Intro
I chose the cover for this CD because I was trying to convey to the masses that it was all about trying to make the world a better place. I felt that the masses would most easily recognize and identify people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, and Nelson Mandela, as people who dedicated their lives to positive change. I decided to put them up on Mount Rushmore to suggest the idea that we as a society should be marveling at monuments of heroes of social justice and not men of power who perpetuate inequality. As, I said on the CD's Public Address Intro, the actual Mount Rushmore monument was made on Native American stolen land, and it was made with assistance from the K.K.K. In the intro I basically wanted to give people a reality check and to introduce some of the types of subjects that were to come. On the back of the CD we featured a painting from my friend Popx, who is an artivist who paints entire walls and buildings in the UK and NZ with amazing art pertaining to social justice. He and my other amazing friend P1, a similar type of ultra talented artist from the UK, created the image on the front of this CD. He also did the images on the front and back of the CD that would follow this one (Tha People's Music). The Popx painting on the back of this CD is of a huge group of people demonstrating and holding a sign reading "United for Peace & Justice" with an amazing quote from Dr. King about poverty and social justice above them. 

The Camden 28
After seeing the documentary film of the same name I felt compelled to try and bring more attention to this compelling story. Rappers like Biggie Smalls were famous for telling stories and I thought this was the type of story a rapper could and should be telling. Like the film, I wanted to build the story and save the surprises until toward the end. I felt I could make the story accessible to an audience that wouldn't spend the time watching a political documentary like this one. It was incredible to see the excitement of the documentary's director telling me of when he first heard the song. It was memorable to meet actual Camden 28 member Father Doyle and perform in his church in Camden, NJ years later at a peace festival. The most amazing thing was when another actual Camden 28 member, Eugene Dixon, told me of how his grandchildren had seen the movie and heard of what the Camden 28 did, but they never cared until they heard my song. From that point on Dixon was a hero to them. That is one of the stories that inspires me and demonstrates to me the power of political hip hop.

Universal Healthcare
I wanted to address many topics in this one and primarily how, why, and where we should have universal healthcare. Years later on my MisEducation CD I felt I did a better job addressing the topic but I am still proud of this song as well. I also felt it was important to talk about where the money really goes when the authorities claim to be helping an area out in talking about specifics like football stadiums and fancy universities in poor communities. A frequent collaborator, "Why," (as in why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing is wrong?) contributed by performing some of the hook vocals and by helping me in the writing process to keep the hook short and simple so that it would be more memorable and powerful. There have been many amazing times where crowds would chant the hook with me at live performances.

The Real News 
I wanted to explain to people that the news is not objective and does not simply report facts or what is going on. The corporate media (all the major/mainstream media) prioritize making as much money as they can (profit). Seeing more social justice and equality is simply not a part of their business plan. They are a business, they always side with authority and virtually never with the people, and they almost never investigate or seriously question business or governments. I listed some examples in the song of independent media who prioritize human needs over amassing profit. On future CDs I would list more examples on the inside packaging and in songs as well. People will continue to be misinformed until and unless they find alternative sources of information that produce content in everyone's interest, and not just the interests of the rich and powerful. Currently, I often recommend Democracy Now as one of the best sources of independent media.

I felt the rhyme patterns on this one were formidable and highly advanced. The important connection to make here is that the CIA is the US government. With them overthrowing democratically elected leaders in other countries, supplying weapons, training, and funds to ruthless, dictators, locking up people without a trial in Guantanamo Bay and secret prisons around the world, and spying on US citizens, it doesn't make much of a case for the US being a democracy. Because the CIA is known for phone taps, I thought it would be creative to use a studio effect that made the song sound at times like a phone conversation or a dispatch.

Free Your Mind
There is a ton of hypocrisy in religion that I addressed here. I also conveyed the idea that it's be great if people actually followed the true message of Jesus and other religious figures and loved everyone, renounced violence, and helped the poor. I paid homage as well to religious people who have set a great example like Father Michael Doyle of the Camden 28 and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Homophobia and heterosexism are rampant in our society and in hip hop and I wanted to take a strong stand against it and to make the statement that gay people should be treated just like anyone else.

They Don't Want U 2 Know
I liked the bounce to this track that producer Ox made and I especially felt it was important to address the idea that diamonds and other jewelry are just rocks. On this one I sought to convey many critical facts and ideas that people should know and be concerned with.

The Real News Remix
I had too much to say about the problems with main stream (corporate) media so I did two songs about it. When looking for a beat one of the studio engineers came up with the idea to flip the track for The Real News backwards. We liked this backwards version of the beat even better than the original! I'm proud to say many crowds have chanted the first part of this hook along with me at performances.

Global Warming
People have really appreciated me performing this acapella at events dedicated to environmental justice. I wrote it for that purpose. One organizer said nothing the first time he heard it. He just gave me a hug and seemed like he was near tears to see that a rapper could take on an important subject like this.

Take My Advice
Along with Its Time this was one of my oldest songs I eventually would release. I loved the mystical sound of the track. I'll always remember that a young gay man told me that he was moved to tears the first time he heard it. I felt the third verse was the most powerful but I had fun with the entire concept here.

Keys to a Better World
I felt the concept on this was at times very advanced but that it was also very simple: Here are the three basic problems; and here is how we can fix them. The production quality is lower than the other tracks because this track was recorded in a studio in Philly that was far inferior to my usual studio in Blackwood, NJ. I still love the flow and how it goes with the beat and how I was able to break down the message. Producer Andyman of the UK told me he made this beat and others like it when he was dealing with insomnia. I loved the mystical, middle of the night vibe.

Outside the Box
Producer GPH of the Netherlands was talking to me one day on MSN Messenger and he sent me a picture of a red sky he had just taken from outside his window. It was a surreal scene and soon after he sent me this otherwordly beat, which he said that he had made just for me. I think the music is a beautiful work of art on this one and so the lyrics are about not conforming, abstract art and ideas, and departing from the status quo (the norm). This was really the only track on this CD that wasn't entirely political. It also was about the idea of just being yourself and being original. I think fans of any musical genre from classical, to R&B, to jazz, etc can appreciate this piece of music.

Words from Pam Africa
This is a skit between songs from Pam Africa, a leader of The Move Organization in Philly. She is a fiery, powerful speaker who has fought for justice for decades. We have supported each others' efforts for years and Why recorded this from a speech she gave at Independence Mall in the city. Pam, like Mumia Abu Jamal who she fights for justice for, is good at getting to the roots of our societal problems.

After hearing my 1st CD a guy wrote me and said, "Yeah, but what can I do about it?" I started writing this song as a response. In later CDs I'd suggest more solutions inside the CD packaging and in my lyrics like buying sweatshop free clothing, supporting independent and unionized businesses, buying only Citgo gas, getting only a Credo cell phone, and overall doing the best you can to try and help make this world better by working for a society based on cooperation and not competition.

End of the Newark March
This was a recording done by Why of Larry Hamm, a leader of The People's Organization for Progress in Newark, NJ. He is an amazing speaker and has worked for the interests of the people for decades. He hosted The People's March for Peace in Justice in Newark, NJ in 2007 and this was taken from that. In this track Larry talks about not having a chance to speak in Washington, DC. However, years later I am happy to say that I was there to see him do it. I was on stage that day in Newark with him and other people I admired like Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, the poet Remi Kanazi, Lady JAM (who sung the We Need Peace track from this CD), and others. Thousands attended this rally and march that day in Newark, NJ which is an area where it's harder to hide the true nature of this country.

F Bush (Remix)
This track really shows how I've evolved since it was written in 2006. I no longer rhyme using quasi curse words like "buck" or "ish" as I did on this song, because I've found more effective and direct ways to express myself. Looking back, I know it doesn't matter who is in office, it's a corrupt and decadent system that we need to fight. I hinted at these ideas in the third verse, which was added on for this album. The first two verses were from my first CD. This song was very popular in 2007 because of Bush's unpopularity at the time. If people got my CD because they hated Bush and thought getting rid of him would fix everything; they could learn that the struggle was much bigger than that and why by listening to the entire project.

It's Time (Club Mix)
My friend DJ Filthy Rich, a talented rapper and producer from the UK made this for me one night and I thought it showed his creativity and ability. He was a funny guy I enjoyed talking with and I was saddened to learn of his death before this CD was released. He was in his 20's. I'm not sure what happened exactly and I don't know much about it. I included this as a tribute to him. RIP DJ Filthy Rich.

Bring the Troops Home
I felt this would be a moving, perfect way to end the album. This memorable and rhythmic chant was started by Larry Hamm at The People's March for Peace and Justice in Newark, NJ and thousands were a part of it. I want people to roll their windows down and turn this up. I do this chant to this day with crowds as a tribute to Larry and to support the US troops by bringing them home from unjust wars of imperialistic conquest that do nothing to make anyone safer and only serve to increase profits and power for a small number of elite oligarchs.

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The Camden 28

The Camden 28 they took their place in fate - they was great because they couldn't wait - to see some much needed change - they came up - shook it up and got framed - it was plain - they knew Vietnam wasn't the way - in the fray they decided to make a statement to stay - they agreed - they'd need to break in the federal office to burn draft cards (echo) to show us how much the war had cost us - Father Doyle lived in Camden and he wasn't blind - he could see the buildings then was like today and it's a crime - - fighting overseas for more oil is the design - back then I wasn't born but I learned about the time - too much like today but hey back to the tale - they didn't know how to get into the building - they would fail - but one of 'em - he started assisting with the mission - he knew how to cut glass and had equipment that could fit in - Father Doyle was the preacher I mentioned on another track - 27 others was together ready to act

Always somethin shady with the army with the navy - so much we not told - I heard the story it was crazy - of the Camden 28 - get inspired don't be lazy - look up the mystery - learn real history

August 22, 1971 - the plans was all made and the raid was begun - there was no guards to stop 'em - their surveillance and equipment got 'em in with no problem - anything - that could come up they figured out and no doubt they could solve 'em - though they denounced any violence on all counts - so they made sure - no one would walk in unannounced - standin' there with draft cards they ripped up and chopped - on the spot - they got their hands on a lot - and wouldn't stop - it was a big occasion for anti war in the nation - a big statement - it inflamed and it became a situation - 'cause guards came to face 'em - The Camden 28 was surprised! - how could this happen with all the plans and supplies?! - takin' 'em to jail - still not understanding how their plans they could fail - police on the scene - doomed as a team - caught in the act of the scheme

At the trial they found out the jury was against the war - but wasn't for breaking in past the federal building room door - surprise! - they found out the guy who supplied the equipment - was hired to get 'em in by the FBI - who supplied the equipment - and what they need to arrive - in the building in disguise - the whole thing was a set up - tryin' to squash a movement so they could never get up - the Cointelpro (FBI) wanted to crush the Catholic left - makin' sure they got in - so they could bate 'em and arrest - it's a mess - when the government helps you commit a crime - when you protest a war that is a crime that is a lie - this is their lies way back - today it's back - in Iraq - and in the trial the 28 showed a slideshow of facts - showing back then in Camden - slides of the poverty - and showin' Vietnam - the rich man's atrocity - it's the same scam today we gotta fix this (so called) democracy

So you know since the government - the FBI put 'em up to it - they was found not guilty - we know whose guilty - it's the same system that's guilty of the same thing today - stop bein' distracted and followin' the crowd - and speak up against it - and be heard

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Universal Healthcare

I'm the vocalist who broke this - homophobic scope in this - the media is bogus - plus the president provoking this - I'm focused - the drug war just dug more hopelessness - war on the poor since before Bush was born - it's the norm - we gotta form this hip hop mix into a storm - get your facts - and rap 'em in a swarm - when I wrote this I invoked this like biblical swarms of locusts - to let the people go - to start fixin' the system - and let it grow - to stop corporations placing carbon copies - jokers who do their bidding - rock the vote - vote independent - votes count but spend it - on a man with a plan - who not rented like a tenant - by a two party senate who see change but they prevent it - 'cause they fundin' come from rich who just wanna stay rich - life for the poor is a *itch* it gotta switch - they said slavery'd never end - we progress - but still we left with a mess to go protest

HOOK (ft. Why)
It don't matter who, what, why, or where - all people need Universal Healthcare

I told 'em I was sick of it in 2004 - now a few years later wow I'm sick of it even more - people sick and need a cure - but the industry is sick and got a war - you could vomit how they profit if we sicker - it's shocking - we in pain - their pockets became thicker - it's a shame how people's health came to people seeing wealth - hating how they call it 'benefits' - the true benefit would be if they became benevolent - I'm never hesitant to bring real issues to focus - and tryin' to find a job you like can seem hopeless - when you gotta worry first about healthcare it's chokin' us - or you could be like me - and think you got in hand - then somethin happen and damn - you find out it ain't covered in your plan - then you get a bill of like $30,000 and it's like man - I got set up in debt for the rest of my life - this verse ain't for spite - but to join the fight of Mic(hael) Moore - to help stop the Sickos with the cure - and I question all meds - rest assured - I invest in herbal cures - not weed nah I need aloe vera and acidophilus - the health care industry let's topple this - time to put a stop to this - corruption is monstrous - the US healthcare system of greed is preposterous

You wonder why - war wonders worries it ain't fair - and why the Bush daughters weren't in the war over there - and when the flood came pouring in New Orleans Bush waited - and let the place flood before he came and tried to aid it - and when money was sent for the city that was devastated - $200 million went to the Saint's stadium renovation - a whole city destroyed - football stadium better than ever - the corrupt think they clever - but I see through it forever - Spike Lee got it right - Nike - nightly write 'Football is Life' - CEO is Phil Knight - he live life for high price - but life's about makin a difference - I'm tired of 'em tryin' to brainwash us with their sickness - commercials is MK Ultra repetition - they tell you anything enough to buy your position - it's the same they say they used for convincing - snipers to send MLK and JFK to their death bed - dead for what they said - guess we should fear death - for speaking on their mess - we got freedom of speech - so I speak and invest - like V for Vendetta - no fear on my agenda - they say we got a media that needs to get better - it does but they crazy talkin' 'bout it's too liberal - my wife worked for cable - so yo take this literal - they won't air a spot for legal weed or anti war - even for a billion dollars they'll leave it on the floor - so go shut of your TV - go put on this CD - it's time for revolution - we know the real terror is war, greed, no healthcare, and air pollution - there is solutions

The Real News

We need the Bush regime and the news teams indicted - they choose to lie and scheme - I choose to move and fight it - they don't cover the news that we be in and I'm a source - and they attacked at first resort - they didn't question acts of force - and when we protest in thousands they ignore it with no remorse - Co-intelpro - hell I know it's all too much - they try to crush anyone tryin to un-silence the hush - of the fact they say we got the best country in the world - if you're rich - 'cause greed is the value that they pitch - the American dream of gettin' rich from nothin' ain't the answer - so I look up back to the Black Panthers - the Patriot Act it ain't new it's just a fact - it's like back when the FBI had MLK's phones tapped - I got no time in my raps for the status quo of ego - to busy with facts to get power back to the people

Time to hear some real views - cause they hide the real news

Cointelpro by the FBI was so - the government could stop those who tried to grow - a more peaceful society - what irony - it was a secret till '71 - when a group in Media, PA came to say they was done - The Citizen's Commission broke in the FBI's position - investigatin the FBI - by takin all their files and gettin 'em - from breakin into their base they took papers and files - sent 'em off to newspapers all out way across the miles - most wouldn't print it - Win Magazine was all in it - so the FBI decided to shut it down and quit it - these days - the media is still a business that's for profit - to get real news - you gotta read both sides of a topic - Fox News is the worst - but back in 1898 - they had William Hearst - he was out to sell papers first - it hurts - when the media and medicine is for money - it's so much they don't teach you in school it's not funny

Gotta tell ya more about what William Hearst did - distorting facts and pictures - the worst type of kid - he helped bring the 1937 prohibition - bringing current marijuana laws into their position - he did it 'cause he owned timber and hemp was a threat - makin' up stories how weed was the worst thing you could get - he bashed people against war - 'cause war was a story - he cashed in on - selling papers with stories that was gory - watch Bill Maher on cable or Bill Moyers on PBS - or anything that acts to question lies that we address - the most famous film ever - it was Citizen Kane - it remained out of most theaters at the time 'cause it aimed - to get out the truth about William Hearst who was hurt - back then his Hollywood friends took it out of most theaters first - I intend - to show the proof of how truth gets out - in the end - look beyond the lies corporate news sends


You want terrorists - it's the CIA - see I say - the truth - believe me or you can look it up today - just get any encyclopedia they write - it be wikapedia as a source - they act with black ops - that means secret acts of force - of course since it's a secret - it don't matter how indecent - the government can frame - claim that they not a part of it - plus they practice propaganda and brainwashing - that's the art of it - The Bourne Identity is real - you might think it's just a story - they orchestrate many murders that was gory for their glory - and tried to make Castro die 639 times - gettin' elected leaders missing from the missions they supplied - armin' Mujahideen fighters in the land of Afghanistan - armin' Iran - to fight the Russians - and hushin' up the plans - and armin' many in the past - times passed while people get hurt - and fighters they armed with work became the Al Qaeda network

You want terrorists it's the CIA - they act with black ops that means secret acts of force

The war on drugs was created by Nixon, Bush, and Reagan - their CIA bought drugs in by the planes and maintained 'em - in military aircraft - the past ain't forgotten - the Iran-Contra affair and the (US CIA) training of Bin-Laden - to fund rebels in foreign lands the CIA sold cocaine - and sold weapons to Iran who now they wanna go and blame - it's so insane - Bush senior was the CIA's leader - and that explains his kid and lots about the plots of either - they been torturing for years - hording up your fears - morphing what appears - and they specialize in propaganda exercise - sleep deprivation and bag placing over your eyes - I used to be like you - I thought things like this was crazy - I relied on TV and what they told me I was lazy - now I'm a fact checking specialist - investing rap lessons combating presidents - it's true we need to see a new genesis - leaders not for greed but for peace to get us freed

If you can't relate - wait I gotta let you know it's too late - when you go on your way - to Guantanamo Bay - stop watchin' Fox - we gotta stop the abusin' - drop verses with more solutions to restore the constitution - I don't know how you relax when they imprison and detain with no facts - and they attack backed with extraordinary rendition - it sounds better that way - it means torturing in prisons - they beat info out a prisoner for handing out convictions - and these camps have no restrictions - The World Can't Wait - plus the world hates the States' (US) position - it's like back when they imprisoned innocent Japanese citizens (in WWII) - they say they (the CIA) even recruited some Nazi secret service (members) and tore up the records of what a few did on purpose - no question -  I write raps - I light with facts - to rap heads back a lesson - to protest crimes and fight the mess we in - non violent resistance to make it better than it's ever been

Since I got freedom of speech I think there's more -  people should know about the war in Iraq - it's packed with mercenary acts - the government call 'em 'contractors' - I call 'em 'contractin' actors' - they ex military with scary orders - who roam in Iraq known as Blackwater - the government supplier - hit men for hire - private takin' corporations placed in and acquired - takin' three times more pay - than military privates - corporations takin' over - even takin' over bombin' - like when helicopter makers made the profitin' in Vietnam - the definition of fascism - is corporations placin' a mass vision of class-ism - the government don't want Blacks to have guns - but got no problem with corporations that's packaging the guns - 30% of ground forces in Iraq is contract enforcers - consuming 40% of every dollar spent on the war - they kill civilians more than military - it seems very scary - it's in action - people need to know what really happen - when government funded corporations taking military action - it's crazy

Free Your Mind

I'm not for division - my country is the world that I live in - my family's composed of all humanity - opposed to the vanity of religions that they live in - I never conform - forever warning of insanity - they should - follow my religion to do good - if driven than it would improve the 'hood - not divide it - they stay praising in churches that raise cults inside it - ignoring the cries of the hood like they can hide it - King and Gandhi followed religion but they never denied - that the most important thing was to stop whoever died - they both knew that faith could wait when it came to face wars and intolerance and people impoverished - stereotypes abolish this - myths that ain't true - but reflections of conflict placed by groups who would feud - some think they funny - I never hide the fact they ugly and coincide - with the act of genocide - like Darfur the cries - 400,000 lives died - historical hypocrisy - ridden in division and theocracy - it's time for the people to unify - stop the mental prison - all come to the same table and - end the division by stopping with all the labeling - non violent education in every school district - ethnic relations courses mandatory listed - you gotta start to play your part and join the movement it's enormous - think outside the box and become a non conformist - bring people together and unite - they can't ignore this

Stop the division with ethnicity and religion - we gotta stop the ways that people raised, act, and live in - unify - it's a call for all people to come together - to stop them dividing the rich and poor forever

My souls in my rap - they always said that I was deep - and now you hear the thoughts that made me cough when I was sleep - get out the coffin that you seek - don't be lost in your physique - the golden rule - treat others like you want to be treated and it's cool - or else you just a fool - hypocrites can never rule - they got the country not our minds - we got the first amendment - I drop a testament of rhymes - could start my own religion - it's a given their man made - and a lot of 'em is hurtin' supporting mercin' (slang for killing) bannin' aid - a true religious person ain't cursin or always workin - a true devout would shout at how Jesus used for certain - peace, love, equality - help the poor get more property - what happened to that? - you poor excuse for a Christian - I tell some about they own - not even from their religion - some days I pray but I don't pay for this conviction - 'cause god don't need money - it's funny how some be livin' - thinking all with robes risen in the front speak with vision - religion's a business too - they need to start payin' taxes - stop wars - help the poor - or you got your religion backwards - co-exist - learn tolerance and follow this

My religion is peace - the division need to cease - imagine if the world converted to my said religion - we'd observe so many less left dead it's a given - it's like prison with minds closed - following traditions that arose from middle ages superstition and fear - religion ain't clear when it's organized - though at times - some religious people go exposin' those whose blind - like those who preach for peace in the streets and overseas - who know governmental greed's the opposite of what we need - it's apocalypse - when (so called) "profits" get to bleed and brainwash - up on the TV rockin jewels in their watch - they say (in the bible) for a rich person to get into heaven for certain - it's harder than puttin' a camel through the eye of a needle - too many TV evangelists tellin' lies to the people - true religion is preserving what a creator would create - drop the killing rate by gettin' peace stoppin' the hate

Friday, July 22, 2011


So many envy - so much following it's plenty - it's petty - discriminating - hating is so empty - but yet they act like it's a choice to be gay - I'm not gay but - I got a lot to say - 'cause the ways of the worst - why would anyone choose to have a place to immerse - in the most discriminated group on the face of the earth - if you gay I know you born that way - there's nothing wrong with it - the creator (whatever that means) had gays made - just like straights is made - and besides - it don't matter who you sleep with - what matters is - who you are inside - what I'm sayin' in this - you can diss it - but the most wise alive they don't hide it they admit - so get it - get the fact that we all deserve the same rights - we all human - unite - it's annoying people you find of all types - stop being afraid of what your friends think - if they was all drinking poison would you be havin the same drink?

I'm not afraid to say stop hating on gays - people deserve the right to live life in different ways - you disagree - you showing your own ignorance to me - and the fact that you might not be sure who to be

If you discriminate then you a hypocrite - 'cause look at this - the way you treat another - is settin' behavior precedent - you hatin' on a person - for a certain etiquette - the way you act'll come back and harm (you) - karma's evident - the reason that we still have gay bashing lasting - is it's hard to break the cycle of hate that they lived the past in - it's like racism persisting - like the blind in a bind with no vision - they still have a position in the system - conservatives they want no marriage for gays - like in the past they used to want no marriage for slaves - slaves had to jump over a broom - so it's room for evolution - taking a stand against homophobia is a solution - hip hop plays a part - I drop art for retribution - the way these rappers stay followin' - is confusing - be an artist - step up - and make a mark in this - don't care about the charts in this - change I'll play a part in this